Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Triumph For Art And For Two Men

La vente aux enchères est terminée, and it was triumph on so many levels. From Art Daily, Pierre Berge said, "“The sale of the collection that I had built in partnership with Yves Saint Laurent draws to a close and has been a triumph. My expectations have been fully realized. I thank Christie’s for the organization of both the preview exhibitions and the sale itself in the setting of the Grand Palais. I offer my gratitude to the public who came in huge numbers and were prepared to queue patiently for many hours. The results of the sale exceed our highest expectations and confirm the potential of the Paris marketplace to rise to such an occasion. The results also demonstrate that even in a difficult economic climate, works of art of great quality preserve their power and their value.”

To see a great update on all the happenings click here.

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