Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Forget be the deals. Doyles At Home Auction Results

The prices achieved in Paris give the auction houses some hope. I'll report more on that as the dust settles. For tonight however, here are the results from the pieces I picked from Doyle's At Home Auction. The SOLD FOR price is without the buyers premium of 25%. I show it this way because these kind of items can be found in many places without such an onerous premium not to mention state taxes. This is what the market is bearing. Folks, I say again, and understand things are tight, but there were tremendous deals here today.

Getting rid of baggage starts Doyle's at Home auctions. This is where the deals can be found. Most of the lots are consigned and the pieces can range the gamut. Just remember and it differs from house to house that the buyer pays a house premium. In this case Doyle's tacks on a 25% charge to all pieces under $50,000.00, plus sales tax. I KNOW!!! In these days and times!! I believe these charges will change and with the internet at our hands it makes so much more sense to look at the smaller auction houses around the country. I know that takes time and that's why I'm here to show you some other options.

Mrs. William B. F. Drew, New York, New York
Helen Galland Loewus, New York, New York
William T. Ketcham Jr., Lawrence, New York and New York, New York
A New York Estate
Princess Barbara E. Pignatelli, New York, New York
Herbert Rosen, New York, New York
Anthony P. Russo, New York, New York
Ernest Shapiro, New York
A Washington, D.C. Philanthropist
Lois Wyse, New York, New York
Hy Zaret, Westport, Connecticut
Felix C. Ziffer, New York, New York

The Kulchur Queen Collection

It is interesting that much of what I picked came from the estate of a Washington DC philanthropist. WHO WHO?? WHY WHY??
That said, I went through their catalogue for the At Home Auction for February 25th, 2009 and found some great buys. Lets take a gander.

Lot 131

Chinese Coromandel Four-Panel Screen
Height 6 feet 8 inches, width of each panel 15 inches.
Estimate $600-900
SOLD FOR $425.00. Depending on condition, an amazing buy!

Lot 221

George III Style Mahogany Vitrine
Height 69 inches, width 39 inches, depth 19 inches.

The Estate of a Washington, D.C. Philanthropist

Estimate $800-1,200
SOLD FOR $1,400.00. Looked like it was worth twice that...but of course it wasn't.

Lot 241

Irish Pine Hutch
Height 7 feet 1 inch, width 64 inches, depth 20 inches.
Estimate $2,000-3,000
DID NOT SELL! And, it was my favorite piece. At $2,000.00 it was a deal.

Lot 258

Pair of Chinoiserie Decorated Red Painted Candlestick Lamps
Height 27 inches.
Estimate $200-400
SOLD FOR $250.00. I sell these new and the buyer got a very nice buy.

Lot 352

Pair of Classical Style Patinated-Bronze Jardinieres
Height 33 1/2 inches, diameter 18 inches.

The Estate of a Washington, D.C. Philanthropist

Estimate $1,000-1,500
SOLD FOR $1,400.00. I think they were very original. That is a great price.

Lot 398

Empire Style Mahogany Corner Cabinet
Height 61 inches, width 36 inches, depth 27 inches.
Estimate $600-900
DID NOT SELL. This is a hard piece. Hard to fit in today's rooms but for the right place a great looking cabinet. Too bad. Call the auction house for a reallll deal..secret between us ok.

Lot 399

Set of Four Louis XVI Style Painted Fauteuils
Estimate $1,000-1,500
SOLD FOR $950.00!! That"s just wrong unless they were falling apart which I don't think they were. the buyer should be screaming with delight. I can see them flanking a pretty console and the other two in the living room..$950.00 for four!! Oh folks.

Lot 405

Louis XVI Style Marble Top Green Painted Console
Height 34 1/4 inches, width 70 1/4 inches, depth 20 1/2 inches.
Estimate $600-900
SOLD FOR $1,500.00. Such a pretty table. It was still a deal.

Lot 429

Neoclassical Style Black Painted Bench
With animal print hide upholstery.
Estimate $200-400
SOLD FOR $375.00. Absolutely right. Its a classic.

20th century reproduction.
Very slight loss of paint to legs and feet.

Height 20 inches
Length 50 inches
Depth 18 inches

Lot 484

Charles X Mahogany Commode
Height 39 inches, width 50 inches, depth 25 inches.
Estimate $1,200-1,800
SOLD FOR $900.00. Very fair. Still a lovely piece for your home. I'd love to have it.

Top drawer fitted with a desk. Overall restored/refinished condition. Brasses not original.

Lot 517

Neoclassical Style Bronze Coffee Table
Inset with polychrome painted porcelain panel, height 21 3/4 inches, width 39 inches, depth 21 1/4 inches.
Estimate $600-800
SOLD FOR $3,500.00. I KNEW IT! Even online I saw it too. This was a special piece and you'd never find it again. This belongs in a beautiful living/library. It cost $2,000.00 fifteen years ago I"ll bet.

Lot 532

Chinoiserie Decorated Black Lacquered Chest
Height 33 inches, width 38 inches, depth 21 inches.

The Estate of a Washington, D.C. Philanthropist

Estimate $800-1,200
SOLD FOR $1,400.00. A Great buy for piece that I'm pretty sure is new. Two years ago it would have gone for $5,000.00, so I hope the buyer is very happy.

On to the next auction..yea..