Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Portrait Lovers Dream Comes True

From Art Daily.

Readers of Homer's Odd know of my love of portraiture, both old and new and of my love of the National Gallery, United Kingdom's, Annual Portrait competition. So it was with great pleasure that I discovered via Art Daily the launch of The National Gallery's new website. I have not yet had time to wander through it but I'm sure it will be the source of some great stories.

Art Daily:LONDON.- The National Portrait Gallery launches its newly redesigned website offering exciting facilities, greater interactivity and fascinating glimpses of the Gallery's work behind the scenes. The site, which has been redeveloped in partnership with digital media company Cogapp, now provides a first-class experience for the site's 16 million visitors a year. The overall result has been to make the site more intuitive and easier to use.

Visitors can now see 120,000 of the Gallery's portraits listed online, and images now appear on screens four times bigger than their previous size. It is possible to zoom in to portraits in order to see the smallest of details and also to identify all sitters in group portraits. Visitors can now browse the Collection, in a range of new ways, such as a room-by-room listing of all the portraits on display.

Full story and link here.

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columnist said...

Good news indeed. Thanks for the "heads up"...(pun intended!)