Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Yves Saint Laurent Auction

The auction world is reeling as a result of the world's economic straits but all eyes are turning to Paris for what can only be termed a fabulous auction. I am of course talking about the estate sale by Pierre Berge of his and his late partner, Yves Saint Laurent's lifetime accumulation of fabulous. Here were two men who epitomized the theme of living large as the best revenge. The accumulated treasures are estimated to bring in between 200 to 500 million Euros and will go on display in Paris on February 23rd.

I have already tried looking at the catalogue to no avail but I'm sure as the time grows closer we'll be able to get a look. This is such a spectacular auction that we're going to spend some time looking at the history of these two men and what they were able to collect over the past half century.

Pierre Berge, photo from the Telegraph.

Here is an interesting article from the Telegraph.co.uk, entitled, "Multi-million pound 'meaningless' Yves Saint Laurent art sale." In it Berge explains his reasons for disbanding this great collection. Click here for the story.

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