Monday, January 26, 2009

When Great Minds Meet

Compared to today's wintry weather, last Friday was a balmy day in DC. After such a busy week here in town where everything swung as wide as a pendulum can with the Inauguration and the crowds, I ended the week with a cocktail and a meeting of new friends and a couple of newer ones. Yes, we had a bloggers happy hour.

The Designer,Interiors, Architect,Art and Culture and Antique and Auction bloggers, of great renown of course, met up downtown for a libation and conversation. I think this should become a regular event as you get such great stories and ideas from your fellow peers in this new media.

Amongst the crowd was Michelle from My Notting Hill, Stefan from Architect Design, Jennifer from Washington Spaces Magazine blog and new friends Annie, from Bossycolor and Janet from JCB.

Although too short a happy hour for this Irishman, I just got the feeling that here was a collection of very talented people in spheres of influence and mutual interests that the bigger world out there should be paying attention too. Hey, we're here in DC..and this town is happening! Need I say more.

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Jennifer Sergent said...

You are so right! Can't wait until the next one... Jennifer