Friday, January 23, 2009

The Gentleman's Library Sale - Results

A pair of stools fashioned from WWI cavalry saddles
One stamped 'A. E. Dougall & Son, 1917', each on a tubular support with foot rest and a circular metal base, 83cm high. (2)
Estimate: £200 - 400
SOLD FOR - £1,320. Perfect for the Library Interview.

Here is an auction for the man who has everything. First off I love the title of the auction. It takes place in London at Bonhams on January 21st and is full of items that a man doesn't need but would love to have. I have always wanted a library filled with beautiful books, framed pictures and treasured items from travels and experiences to fill my days when reminiscing becomes important. Hey, I'm there already.

I've seen a few stories recently on the news about the popularity of the man cave. This is a room that men create to get away from the daily grind. A place to hang pictures and antlers and past trophy's that the mistress of the house has banned from the rest of the home. I really don't like the term "man cave," as it denotes a place to hide. A gentleman's library suits my purposes just fine.

I know that some of you out there will find a few of these pieces politically incorrect, a term and philosophy whose days I hope are finally numbered. I've hated political correctness from the moment it reared its dangerous head.

Naturally these are older pieces that simply are not made anymore. They were created in another time when tastes were different and environmental awareness not as firmly entrenched. That doesn't mean they're not still beautiful and worthwhile.

I normally don't show as many pieces from an auction but there was too much that made me swoon with the thoughts of ownership/stewardship. The whole catalogue will keep you entertained for a good while and gents, you will salivate. Ladies, we really do like these things and Christmas is only eleven months away. Here is the link for the full catalogue.

A silver 'finger print' cigar box, by Thomas Eady & Co. Ltd, London 1918
Estimate: £250 - 350
SOLD FOR £960. I thought it was an unusual and personal piece.

A Chinese presentation silver model of a junk circa 1927,
Estimate: £800 - 1,200
SOLD FOR - £2,280. Every man's desk should have one.

A George III silver and Old Sheffield plate double decanter trolley the coasters by Roberts, Mosley & Settle, Sheffield 1807/9, the old Sheffield plated trolley unmarked,
Estimate: £2,000 - 2,500

A George III mahogany brass bound writing box
Estimate: £400 - 450
SOLD FOR - £432. A good buy.

Antoine-Louis Barye (French 1796-1875)
Estimate: £1,500 - 2,000

A George V mahogany cheese coaster
Estimate: £300 - 500
DID NOT SELL..I guess people just aren't buying rounds of cheese these days.

A J. C. Vickery brown crocodile document case, circa 1920
Estimate: £250 - 350
SOLD FOR - £540. The perfect box for important papers and secrets.

A small gilt metal mounted claret jug in the form of a parrot
Estimate: £200 - 300
DID NOT SELL. I loved that piece.

An unusual American silver plated cocktail shaker, in the form of a golf bag
Estimate: £400 - 600
DID NOT SELL. Bring it across the pond. Us Yanks would love it!

Two Edwardian crocodile skin Gladstone style bags
Estimate: £200 - 400
SOLD FOR - £1,020.Every man who saw these gasped with want. Even at that price a great deal.

A Regency mahogany whatnot
Estimate: £500 - 800

After Samuel Howitt The Tiger Hunt 61 x 75cm.
Estimate: £150 - 250
SOLD FOR - £216. There is a deal.

A magnificent large polar bear
Estimate: £8,000 - 12,000
I had to include him, though I think he'd scare the hell out of me every time I walked into my library!!

A leopard skin with mounted head, Van Ingen & Van Ingen, Mysore.
Estimate: £1,500 - 2,000
My best friend had one of these in his library. The beast faced the door as you entered the room and made for a great entrance statement but gosh be darned if we didn't trip and knock out the beast's teeth after a few martinis. It's true but I loved that rug.

A rare 19th century logger head turtle shell
Estimate: £400 - 800
He's long dead. I love turtles and he'd hang proudly on my a sconce!!


M.Lane said...

Thanks as usual for sharing these GREAT images! I agree with you about the auction and about the gentleman's library. I would buy all of these items [other than the bear which I also agree would scare me to death.]


Roxanne Steed said...

Ha! Loved the martini & leopard story. I was particularly taken by these 'cavalry saddle stools'- incredible idea- These old cavalry saddles do sit well for a long period- (at least on the back of a horse, imho)so why not at a bar? Cheers to you for hosting a great view of some truly wonderful pieces!!

Sir Fopling Flutter said...

I went to Bonhams and had a look round this afternoon. It's an amazing collection - enormous mahogany library tables, 18th Century portraits, polar bear rugs (with the head still attached). Well worth a visit for anyone in London.

Anonymous said...

Sir Flutter, I'm flattered and flushed that you share my fondness for these furnishings.

columnist said...

I presume the cheese coaster is for round cheeses like stilton, but it seems an unusual way of "attacking" it; I wonder why it was designed thus?