Sunday, July 13, 2008

Peter Beard and Mary Hemingway with R. Couri Hay

I have followed Peter Beard's career from afar for many years always with admiration. Though I didn't know his personal history intimately I was always aware of his work. I guess being a New Yorker in the 70's and 80's he was simply a part of that golden age of personages we kept an eye on.

This post throws up past to the 70's and a fascinating interview by R. Couri Hay at one of Peter's shows, "The End of the Game," where Mary Hemingway was an attendee. Peter is he kinda guy we all aspire too yet perhaps don't have the obviously good genes to win out. Here is a man whose talent and lust for exotic travel combined with a great photographic eye made me an envious fan. I'll never forget when the news broke of how he was trampled by an elephant and nearly died and of his great strides to recover and return from that horrific accident. Thanks to the Sporting Life linked here at Homer's for finding this long lost interview. Its says so much about that time. Listening to Mary Hemingway is charming and illustrative of an age gone by. Its also interesting to see R. Couri Hay way back then and who is still a fixture in New York often noted at New York Social Diary.

Peter Beard and Mary Hemingway

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