Monday, July 7, 2008

Katherine Hepburn's Lighthouse for $1.00

I love the Long Island Sound as it's where I grew up in the summer time. I have also always loved Light Houses and their sounds. This post involves modern technology and their fading relevence.

Our house looks straight across to Fisher's Island and I spent many an afternoon sailboat racing our 24's about the sound. It's a special place where sailing is King.It is not the ocean as we are protected by both Long Island and Fisher's Island Sounds, and it makes for prefect sailing with strong breezes but relatively calm waters.

On Sunday evenings, long after sunset, we would jump in the boston whaler, with the old 60 horsepower outboard engine and ride across the sound from Connecticut to New York where the "bar" was still open.

To those in the know, that would be the Pequot House,the only bar on Fisher's Island. There we would dance the night away quenching out thirsts on long neck Bud's. Late in the evening we would stumble back to the dock and ride through the moonlight looking out for those flashing lights that would guide us home.

The thrill of the ride, while snookered, was always the lights in the water created from the blades churning up the algae that lit our trail yards back while we skimmed the water under the moon.

Which leads me to this story of the Fenwick Lighthouse which has been put up for sale. Mine were not the only eye's to love this building. Those of us of a certain age would know that this lighthouse stood right off the great Katherine Hepburn's property. You know if she was still alive she would save it. That's my guess anyway. Here is the story about a building whose purpose has passed it's time but remains beautiful in its' reason. Fenwick Lighthouse up for sale. Someone must save it.

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