Tuesday, July 8, 2008

DC Taxi Rules. Ahh DC. Statehood?

As a former NYC'er and world traveler I have often relied on the mercy of the taxi. Its a hard job I'm sure. However, as opposed to New York City or London, you can be assured that when you give the address to a taxi driver on where your trying to go, you'll get there. However, in DC or its close environs, the driver will have no idea on how to get there. Now, thanks to the new meter law, costs are even more obscure. Our Nation's Capital. To those of us who live here its nothing new. To those of us who have moved outside of DC it confirms our deepest feelings. Here is the lowdown.


Be the change..... said...

well, i am still confused a bit over the controversy -the previous system was archaic and totally confusing; resulting with many fights with cab drivers. However, it used to take about $15 after a $3 tip to get to work in Gtown from my apt. downtown and now it ranges from $9-10.....so I obviously favor the new system.
I'm generally alone in a cab though so that avoids the whole extra fee debacle that seems to be really awful.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

I used to stick to the Metro. Unless I overstayed my welcome somewhere and missed the last train. I understand that they run later now.

London and New York? That's a different story altogether. Although I have a friend who has me convinced that calling a car is the way to go.