Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is That the Emperor?

Important artists do important work. They are lauded for their expertise and contributions to world culture. People in their spheres of influence applaud and wine and dine them. It must be a heady experience. But what if the Emperor Has No Clothes.

I think, of all the greatest artists in the last 100 years, Warhol understood and used this knowledge to his advantage. Of course in my amateur opinion Warhol was draped in Ermine. At any rate, the point here is to show you two videos of men of true accomplishment who had the courage and the sense of humor/humility to put themselves literally on the street with his common man.They put themselves out there to see if they'd be recognized for the giant talents that they are. It takes a big man to understand that we are all important and have a great deal on our busy minds just trying to do the right thing.

The first video is about Luc Tuymans, a Belgian, and one of the most important painters today. He painted a piece on the wall of a busy pedestrian street and set camera's up to see if anyone would notice. The second video is of the great violinist Joshua Bell playing in the Washington Metro for change. Both videos are worth your while and will take ten minutes out of your busy important day. Emperor's, like the last King of Nepal just learned this lesson.

Luc Tuymans on the street.

Joshua Bell in the Washington DC Metro playing for change.

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