Monday, April 14, 2008

The Daily Painter Phenomenon

A new home business created as a result of the internet is the Daily Painter. These are individuals who create small original paintings which are put up for auction, either by the painter's own site or through a collective site or Ebay. I've followed this new business plan for a few months and have read a number of articles about these men and women who try to create a product to sustain their life's passion. There is a great deal of sorting the wheat from the chaff, but there are great deals to be found, and most of all, these are original, individual works that would look great on a side table (they tend to be small) or as a collection put together artfully on a wall. I subscribe to a few fellows and ladies whose work I admire.

They send me via they're email subscriber list what is available this day. There are a few websites where many artists come together to display their work. One of the top sites is Daily Painters. Just for example, tonight I found an artist that I think is incredible. Her name is Jelaine Faunce and her work is beautiful.

These are sort of virtual street art fairs. You can spend a few pleasant minutes perusing what's on offer but I have found that the real talents have their own sites. It's a part of what I love about this internet phenomenon.

Another artist that I'm honored to highlight is Justin Clayton. Very evocative and elegant and pleasing. I'd love to have a few pieces of his works.

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