Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Craig Ferguson Fan

While my eyelids are always very heavy and better sense should rule, I do find myself more often than not trying to stay awake to listen to Craig Ferguson's opening monologue on the Late late Show on CBS. I continually find him funny and insightful, with a keen eye on America, and he is pleasure to watch. He, perhaps without intention or because sobriety blesses him with being smart as a whip, has become a 21st Century de Tocqueville. I spent the last hour watching youtube clips of his speech at the White House Correspondents Dinner. I did this for two reasons, one, I'm a fan, and second because I'd neither heard nor read much in the press about his performance. After seeing what he had to say I understood. It was very much a case of ,"The Emperor Has No Clothes." And no, he wasn't talking about the President. I highly recommend watching the speech, available on youtube, which only enforced my feeling that this gentleman is going places. It looks like he's beating Conan in some media markets. But for me, it was a previous monologue on The Late Late Show that caught me unawares and cemented in my mind what a decent new American we should welcome to our shores. Its a monologue about Brittany Spears of all things! It is riveting, humble, funny, true and reveals the what we so seldom get to see, a gentleman. Here is the video of Craig Speaking from the Heart.

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