Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Home Furnishing in Washington DC

It used to be said that the Georgetown, Potomac, McLean, Chevy Chase Interior Decorators had to go to New York to furnish their clients homes. That is no longer the case. The Design Center of Washington provides all the resources you'll find in New York, Chicago or LA. The Washington Look is at once traditional and forward looking. Thanks to our most often temperate climate indoor and outdoor spaces are very important to us Washingtonians. Here we'll show what is some of the best stores in town to find the perfect piece. For starts let's begin with the Kellogg Collection, a Washington Institution. Created by the gracious, hard-working Pam Green, The Kellogg Collection is celebrating it's 25th Anniversary. It's a great source for the classic American/English home and it's great secret is the designers behind the scene. When your looking for that great Club chair or Sofa you can often find exactly what your looking for inside the store, already made. It can take the entire process of creating that custom look and the months that can take off your shoulders.

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