Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A few Treasures from Indonesia

It has now been a decade since I made the the year long trip around the world. Of course I'm ready to go again but that may have to wait a bit as life's responsibilities always get in the way. Over the weekend I brought out a couple of treasures from the trip to show some top design folk here in Washington DC. To my pleasure these plates drew many an OOH's and AHH's.

Ten years ago on a very hot day I was wandering the alley's of a beautiful island in Indonesia when I came across this dinnerware. The Southeast Asian markets were in turmoil at the time and prices were incredible. That being the case I purchased a huge amount of this china. Most of it is still wrapped in its original packing material which I retrieved from a warehouse in Jersey City nine months after its purchase. The time has come to let some of it go. I have these two patterns in Chargers, Salad bowls, Tea Cups and Saucers, Coffee Mugs, and even a few charming salt and pepper shakers. I'd love to see if there's any interest in them and to get your comments on their appeal. Ebay may be their final destination but for the moment I hold on to the collection for the expert eyes of the design field. FYI the plates are charger size as I was a neophyte bachelor when I bought them. additionally the yellow pattern comes with all the different animals that are on the yellow and green pattern. And yes, if the pattern looks familiar, like from a store whose name begins with an "H", I think the locals took that idea.


Anonymous said...

I can't decide which pattern I like better. Both so chic. I can see them in a Palm Beach or South Pacific table! How much do you have?

Anonymous said...

Homer gave me a set of this china as a wedding present and I cherish it. I just need the great dining room and china cabinet to display them in that they deserve. Thank you Homer.