Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mother Nature Wins

These are pictures I took during the early week before the massive blizzard hit today.

We surrender here in DC to the great Mother Nature. All I could do today was look out from the 18th floor at what can only be described as the most intense blizzard I've ever seen. Everything shook and is still shaking. I really thought my floor to ceiling glass doors might blow in.

I can't imagine what tomorrow will be like and when the anger over government services is going to boil over. My friends in tony Georgetown haven't seen a plow since all this started last Saturday nor have they had any mail delivery. Yet, the Wall Street Journal arrived every morning and UPS and Fed Ex made it to the store.

We had a lady come into the store yesterday who commented that she used to live in Tanzania and that the Giant grocery store down the blocked looked worse than anything she'd seen abroad. We are crushed here and I think it will be days to a week before we have the slightest recovery.


Karena said...

I know everyone is sick of this weather , I hope it is over soon and we just get through February! Let's look at beautiful art & antiques for some much needed joy!

lady jicky said...

God that looks cold.

I know you do not want to know this but its been hot in my neck of the woods.