Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Guess I Need More Than New Undershirts

Douglas Friedman for The New York Times; Typography by Jennifer Green

NYTimes: "Dress Codes
Dressing for Success, Again
Published: December 16, 2009

"THE runaway phenomenon that is “Mad Men,” with its stylish depiction of Kennedy-era New York, where men dressed with style and philandered with impunity, has handed modern men their very own “Sex and the City” fantasy."

For the past two years during my mid-life career change I have relished the fact that I haven't had the need to put on a suit and tie and have loved the kakhi's and sweater look. I vowed never to care about being all spruced up.

However, just the other day a guy came into the store, I'd say early thirties and I admit I took a second look. From the Dark Blue Cashmere towncoat to the perfectly shined loafers, he looked like a million bucks and he reminded me of me at that age.

So this article from the today's New York Times caught me by surprise! I've become what I least want to be and from here on pledge to return to being a well dressed gentleman. Kudos to my friend and always well dressed blogger, "Easy and Elegant Life." He is and always should be a role model and I can't believe the NYTimes didn't credit/mention him!! I simply don't want to be a sloppy old fart. Okay I was never sloppy and I won't wear a bow tie unless its with a Tux. Here's the NYTimes article. Its fun and now I have to think about what to wear this Saturday night!

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