Sunday, September 27, 2009

An Elegant Auction In Washington DC Results

Lets take a look at what fancy, mostly French pieces went for, n'est pas?

The Fall auction season is finally starting up and I'm so glad the begin the our treasure searches here in Washington, DC with Weschler's September Sale. Readers know that I give Weschler's extra space here at Homer's Odd and that is of course because I can get to the floor, see the pieces and enjoy one of my favorite pastimes, which is of course being at the auction while the deals are taking place. I'd have to say close to sixty percent of my auction buys came out of this house and makes my home all that bit nicer.

On the weekend of September 25th, Weschlers is holding a small elegant auction from the estate of a home in Kalorama, NW, Washington DC. To people outside the beltway, "as we call ya'll," Kalaorama is fancy ne plus. It is home to grand mansions and embassies, its our 9th arrondissment. Now, through a bit of sleuthing I have found out whom is selling these works and the provenance is solid. Everything is a bit fancy for my taste but I chose these pieces because they remind me of what my grandmother loved. I'd see these kind of things as a small lad when visiting her in town. Not a bad education to start off with and she was grand!

Holding on to the game plan that has worked well here, I've picked a few pieces to follow and will link the entire catalogue here.

Also as part of the auction there are some nice works of art and I picked out a few that I wouldn't mind have hanging around.

Now lets take a look at what caught my eye.

Lot 127
Pair of Edward VII Painted and Decorated Satinwood Triple Chair-Back Caned Settees Early 20th Century
Estimate: $5000 - 10000
SOLD For $3,000.00. What a bargain, I loved them!!

Lot 115
Regency Parcel Gilt and Brass Inlaid Mahogany Stand Early 19th Century
Estimate: $1000 - 2000
SOLD FOR $2,000.00. Guess that's what it was worth.

Lot 86
Queen Anne Green Japanned Secrétaire-Cabinet Composed of 17th-Early 18th Century Elements
Estimate: $5000 - 10000
SOLD FOR $19,000.00. WOW that was some marriage. It was great looking.

Lot 72
Pair of Italian Neoclassical Parcel Gilt and Light Green Painted Demilune Console Tables
Estimate: $5000 - 10000
SOLD FOR $12,000.00. Those pieces are so hot right now with the decorators that I'm not surprised.

Lot 55
Empire Style Ormolu and Cut Glass Six-Light Chandelier 20th Century
Estimate: $400 - 600
SOLD FOR $1,300.00. I liked it too. Are we seeing stabilization of prices?

Lot 40
Louis XVI Style Ormolu and Glass Four-Light Hall Lantern 20th Century
Estimate: $1000 - 2000
SOLD FOR $3,200.00. Hmmm another lowballed piece.

Lot 29
Louis XV-XVI Style Marquetry Tulipwood and Kingwood Bonheur-du-Jour Circa 1900
Estimate: $2000 - 3000
SOLD FOR $1,700.00. That was a nice buy.

Lot 23
Pair of Louis XV Style Ormolu and Bronze Figural Chenets and Three Fire Tools Circa 1900
Estimate: $1000 - 2000
SOLD FOR $1,600.00. I'd hate to see the rest of the house they'll call home.

Lot 6
Pair of Tang Dynasty-Style Bronze Figures of Palace Horses
Each having a verdigris-brown patina.
Height: 37-1/2 in (95.3 cm)
Estimate $800-1,200
SOLD FOR $1,100.00. Hope they are old!!!

I chose this piece because its the first time I came along seeing one of Johnson's work up for auction. I'm sure there have been plenty before this. Mother always said never use the phrase "I hate this or that," so I won't.
Lot 598
J. Seward Johnson, Jr. (American b. 1930), Allow Me, Bronze, aluminum & fabricated stainless steel sculpture, height: 85 in
Estimate: $10000 - 15000
SOLD FOR $11,000.00. I don't think we'll see it in the D'Orsay.

Lot 571
Anthony Thieme (American 1888-1954), Gray Morning, Rockport Harbor, Oil on board, 16 x 12 in
Estimate: $3000 - 5000
SOLD FOR $2,800.00. Perfectly nice.

Lot 533
Jan Hendrik Verheyen (Dutch 1778-1846), View of Utrecht, Oil on cradled panel, 20-5/8 x 25-1/2 in
Estimate: $6000 - 8000
SOLD FOR $16,000.00. I knew it looked good...ha!

Lot 509
Manner of William James (British 19th C), View of St. Mark's Square& Doge's Palace, Capriccio, Venice, oil on canvas, 38-1/2 x 57-1/4
Estimate: $20000 - 30000
SOLD FOR $15,000.00!!! Some day I'll have my Venice painting. Every fine home has always has one.

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