Friday, August 21, 2009

Vente à la Bougie

Pardon? Okay, I took fifteen years of french and understand it a little, but this kind of auction is so french.

Now folks, I've tried over the past couple of years to assuage your fears and tutor you a bit about how to enjoy the auction process and get a great deal in the process. However even this story would have me treading very carefully when it comes to buying a property at auction in France. It is fascinating how such processes evolve and I enjoyed this explanation from "French Property News."

"In France, the majority of homes are sold by estate agents and notaires. Properties sold by auction make up a very small percentage of the market, which would suggest it is not necessarily a good place to buy but you may pick up a bargain – it does happen."

Its got me into a bit of wunderlust and is great auction trivia.Full story here. Vivre la France.


bagelbrookefarm said...

if i remember from my 15 minutes of french -i had spanish and german-'bougie' is a word for an expendable medical device the mention of which would have gotten my mouth washed out by my yiddish grandmother.

on the other hand, on my father's side, the levys who lived either just on the opposite side of the garden from the finzi contini and uzielli or across the via.... would only have shrugged in that milan way at a bad word.

Homer's Odd Isn't He. said...

Apologies to anyone for using inappropriate language. I'm a stickler about that kind of thing. I translated the post title before putting it up and all I got was "candle sale." I had no intention of using bad language. Cheer's Homer

bagelbrookefarm said...

you might be right that i owe you an apology, but nothing really bad happened.

if you go into a paris pharmacy, 'bougie' is a suppository. in europe, a lot of medications are administered 'per bougie'. my grandmother just was a bit proper.

i got to laughing when i saw the title of your post, and thought of granny.

maxima culpa. bbf