Monday, July 20, 2009

A Banksy Freefall

I know, I know, that I've been quietly cheering the fall in prices for modern art, whose stratospheric values have plummeted in this recessionary atmosphere. While I loved seeing "Puppy," by Jeff Koons, outside Bilbao, I just never saw the intrinsic value in his pieces. That said, I have been a fan of Banksy, the anonymous, "graffiti" artist from the UK and was saddened to see this story from Bloomberg tonight.

The houses are truly hurting and only great established works are selling. I understand that and agree with it. However, modern works must continue and with that thought I send out my sympathy to Banksy, who I know will continue to create no matter what. That said folks, you might consider making a purchase of his work while prices are so low. I'm just saying....and remember I'm a mere amateur.

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