Monday, May 12, 2008

A Grand Central Delicious Tale

Though I haven't lived most of my life in New York City, I love being able to claim that I was born there and consider myself a true native, as this where my family is really of . To this day, I still have a bed in the city that I love, when I'm lucky enough to visit. While I know the city and the public transportation system like the back of my hand my heart still quickens every time I enter Grand Central Station. I've found a great new site called Monumental Adventure which has videos about the great and small aspects of the city and has videos about London as well. I highly recommend this website. Here is a short video with the actor Griffin Dunne on a youthful, whispering, romantic experience in Grand Central Station.

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Marie Louise said...

I just have to tell you that I HAD to post the Griffin Dunn video that you turned me on to. His film "After Hours" is a touch stone to my youth and I found his "New York Story" quite charming.
Wanted to say thanks!