Sunday, May 11, 2008

Eclectic Weekend Shopping in Connecticut

A quick shout out for a blogger that I'm a fan of, Ferret and Hound. Besides loving the blog's title there is always something fresh and interesting to read there.It's author Claudia highlighted what looks like a great new store in Warren, CT., Privet House. I support people willing to take a chance at creating a treasure store and making it look so good. Great Good Luck to all involved. I'm sure Claudia and the folks at Rural Intelligence ,who took the pictures , won't mind a bit more media coverage.


katiedid said...

Nice! If only we had some more shopd like this in Sacramento....I would be a much happier person. :)

Anonymous said...

It is always a drag to shop by the internet, I think you loose so much of the a store like this one has to offer. I can just tell that it is crammed packed with loads of stuff, how can you take it all in with just a picture!
Now I have to go, my map quest to CT is printing!
5M's in Clifton