Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Althorp House Auction

Paul Fraser Collectibles:

"Princess Diana’s Rubens for sale in $29m Spencer estate auction

From the childhood home of the People's Princess, this Peter Paul Rubens painting is up for sale

Around $29m of possessions owned by the Spencer family, relatives of the late Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, will be sold in London this Summer.

Rubens' painting, A Commander Being Armed for Battle, will take pride of place in the auction with a pre-sale valuation of £8m-12m.

In December last year, a re-discovered unfinished portrait of a lady by Peter Paul Rubens was usurped as the top lot at a Sotheby's Old Master and British paintings auction.

(In the end, the surprise highest-grossing lot was a self portrait by Van Dyke, that sold for an incredible £8.3m.)

Later this year, the Spencers' painting will sell among 600 other lots in the sale according to a statement by Christie's.

Rubens' A Commander Being Armed for Battle, priced £8m-12m

The Spencer family's heirloom sale will also include more than a dozen 19th century carriages.

Since 1998, the family's Althorp Estate has hosted its Diana: A Celebration, an exhibition commemorating the Princess of Wales' life.

Proceeds from the sale will fund extensive restoration work to the Althorp Estate.

Naturally, any memorabilia associated with Princess Diana, is both valuable and sought-after.

Diana artefacts currently available on the market also include signed photos of Prince Charles with Diana; one with a baby Prince William; and one with both William and Harry.

At present, Diana autographs can command values anywhere from $4,000 to $20,000 or more - with Royal autographs boasting a provenance far superior to other celebrity memorabilia."


Yolanda said...

The painting is incredible. Thanks for the post.

columnist said...

It's nice to find these little treasures stacked away to sell off when the roof needs repairing! Spencer was highly critical of his stepmother when she sold off heirloooms from Althorp for restoration and preservation purposes, and now of course he's doing it himself. Also he does milk his association with his late sister for financial gain, proving amongst many other acts that he's a thoroughly unsavoury character, in my opinion. Anyway, good luck to him!

(Oh, and welcome back, Homer. You were missed.)

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Anonymous said...

Every time I read about Lady Di I cringe. I wish the world could let her rest.

We all missed you and are glad you are back.

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