Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Hope Moses Isn't Watching

Years ago a favorite TV character named Lou Grant said to Mary Richards,"You know, you've got spunk," to which she replied, " welllll yes," to his retort," I hate spunk!"

The Art establishment must be saying the same about artist Damien Hirst. I have never grasped his work fully but none the less glory in a man who can pull off such a success.

from Art Daily..LONDON.- Damien Hirst's bold bet to bypass his galleries paid off for him when Sotheby's sold his works of art for $127 million on Monday night. The top lot was "The Golden Calf", a 600kg bull whose hooves and horns are cast in solid 18-carat gold, which sold for S18.6m, a record for the artist at auction. The complete story here.

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