Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Antiques Show Washington DC

Brrr it was a such a cold weekend for us DC'ers and yet it made the perfect weather to attend the Winter Antiques Show here in town for the weekend.

Thoughts about the show.
1. It looked very nice and I think the use of the Katzen Center at American University works well.

2. The staff, volunteers and exhibitors couldn't have been more professional and nice.

3. For 99 percent of the pieces that caught my eye the prices meant that this was simply an exhibition and I can't believe that much business was conducted.

In this, the third dark winter of our recessionary times the show has to try new exhibitors and a broader range of goods to attract a wider audience. I simply can't see how anyone can make a living selling these goods at such high prices.

That said, I enjoyed myself and met many interesting people. Lets take a look at what caught my eye but won't be buying.

English Chinoiseri Cabinet, Circa 1700. Priced at $65,000.00. From G. Sargeant Antiques of Woodbury, CT.

Directoire Bouilotte Lamp. $10,500.00. A tad out of range ya think. G. Sargeant Antiques

19th Century French metal clock. It had to be 30 inches in diameter and from a decorative look, it was great looking. At $4,500.00 it was expensive bit not terrible. From the Finnegan Gallery of Chicago, IL.

Early 20th Century French Industrial Metal Cart. It does move but must weigh a ton. Perfect of a gourmet's kitchen and at $5,500.00 not exhorbitant for such a singular piece. Also form the Finnegan Gallery.

Tiger Maple end table, circa 1800, American, priced at $4,900.00. Its American so its expensive. From SAJE Americana of Short Hills, NJ.

19th Century Cast Iron Newfoundlands. Huge and fabulous and $34,000.00. From an estate in Rhinebeck, NY. Sold by Roberto Freitas, Stonington, CT.

Gustavian Sleeping Bench. 18th Century and it has a pull out bench below the seat, sorta of a an old fashioned trundle. $10,000.00. Dawn Hill Antiques, New Preston, Ct.

Regency 3 tier clothes tree. George Subkoff Antiques. $7,500.00. I'd need to buy better pants!

Biedermeier Walnut Armchair, circa 1830. Priced at $3,200.00. Not crazy. From Savenkov Gallery, Midlothian, Va.

Tigers, circa 1880. Asking price $9,500.00. Grrroowwwow! From Gemini Antiques, Lebanon, NJ.

A Yachtsman's Desk. English late 19th century, $14,500.00. Overboard!! From Antique American Wicker of Nashua, NH.


Mrs. Blandings said...

Wow. Optimistic, aren't they? Wishing them the best of luck - hope it plays out.

I love tiger maple.

AnneHH said...

Love this post. I went to the show and had a similar reaction. I kept looking for Oprah since who else could afford these prices......... Also, how can they keep the show going since I felt young there in the crowd at age 52!! But, the antiques were BEAUTIFUL.

Hels said...

Ooohh they had a lovely Biedermeier chair.. not often you find that in an antiques show!

I just bought a book called "Biedermeier to Bauhaus" by Sangl Sigrid, but I cannot understand the stylistic progression from Biedermeier to Bauhaus yet.

Art and Architecture, mainly

Frau S said...

Rather late on the comment, but I couldn't agree more with your post! I saw very little actual purchasing going on. BTW, thanks for your delightful blog and hi.

Anthony said...

As one of the dealers exhibiting, I can only say that I had a VERY successful show. At times,it actually felt like the good old days!
Truth is that excellence is increasingly rare and expensive to come by. When I attend auctions- which, as far as price is concerned, is truly where the rubber meets the road- I am often astounded by the amounts that better things are fetching. Even in this soft market. To realistically assess price relative to value requires familiarity, if not expertise, in the area being considered. Luckily, I was blessed with numerous clients who were able to make that determination to their satisfaction. And, of course, others who couldn't.

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