Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Robert Isabell Auction

Robert Isabell was a fascinating fellow who worked in the limelight of Manhattan and yet was a very private man from the midwest. Today's story in the New York Times about the auction of his estate is really interesting. The contents of his home in Manhattan, seen by few, was truly eclectic and makes his life and possessions all the more interesting.

A great read in today's New York Times.

Here's the E-Catalogue from Southebys


ArchitectDesign™ said...

he's somewhat handsome -is he not? AMAZING collection he had!

little augury said...

I am so glad you brought this to my attention. What a fascinating collection the Bertoia pieces are so organic and as I scrolled thru-I thought about what it was like to see these objects which must have glowed in high contrast to the delicate world of

Penelope Bianchi said...

YES, Architect Design......he was "somwhat handsome"!!

How about a "total babe" (I have been reprimanded for capital letters.....I just have a hard time reading little letters!)

In any case; I found totally tragic that the vines he had covering his windows......he had carefully tended and irrigated.......(VERY ROSE TARLOW)! (don't yell! I had to use caps)...were dead. SO SO SAD!

That broke my heart. What charm and style they showed....those vines.

Ephemeral.....what we ephemeral.

Unless Hutton Wilkinson gets on your case.....and vaults you into the next century as he has with Tony Duquette.....(my friend and style icon of the twentieth century!!!!!!!

"More is More" Hutton's new book is a smash hit.....and as it should be.

Wonderful. Beyond.


ps bragging. you can find my husband and I on page 216 (I had it all wrong on some other posted comment) Lordy!

I am the pig in the center in the husband is the fox in the upper right hand corner. What a party!

This book is so fun to read. Even if you weren't will feel like you WERE! buy that book!

no tie in to amazon or anyone! I am just a FAN!!