Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bloggers For Hire - WSJ today

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting story today written by Mark Penn on America's Newest Profession: Bloggers For Hire.

"In America today, there are almost as many people making their living as bloggers as there are lawyers. Already more Americans are making their primary income from posting their opinions than Americans working as computer programmers or firefighters.

Paid bloggers fit just about every definition of a microtrend: Their ranks have grown dramatically over the years, blogging is an important social and cultural movement that people care passionately about, and the number of people doing it for at least some income is approaching 1% of American adults." Full story here and worth the read.

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ArchitectDesign said...

i don't know...i was just talking to habitually chic about this.....we don't get paid for blogging! lol We need to work on that!