Sunday, March 15, 2009

Return To The Tried And True At Maastricht.

I have waited for these days to return as I have always thought they would. The pendulam has swung back to that which is art and away from frivolity. There were headlines like "Diamond Fetches $5 Million as Dutch Fair Draws ‘Serious Money’" or "Rare Beauty In Maastricht." The world understands that what is great is great and that what is a large puppy made of flowers by Jeff Koons, whom I admire, might not hold up in the larger sense.

The auction of Julian Hirst's work was the last gasp of a world gone by and the buyer's of of the golden calf in formaldehyde left with their hooves of gold. The days of the Piss Christ are over and I'm glad. I want true art to return. Here is the New York Times take on the affair.

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Anonymous said...

I believe his name is Demian not Julian. You've mixed up your Schnabels and your Hirsts. But I feel similarly.
Jim VanKirk