Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Man's Home

I was and am a great fan of the late Bill Blass. Not for his clothes so much as for his style. I loved both his homes in New York and Connecticut. His eye for the great print, painting or piece of sculpture just always seemed right. His homes did not have lots of comfy chairs but then I could have stood for hours just looking at the placement and colors and objects that he displayed. If I had to pick only thing that I'd love to have it would have to be that leather chair.

I recently came across these pictures from the Connecticut house and thought they'd be nice to review on a sunny late August day. Here too is a nice short piece from the New York Observer by Charles Michener, written shortly after his death in 2002.

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willow said...

I was always drawn to photos of his homes and his decorating style. Always very classy. Love his CT place!!!